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Big Love

At a villa on the Italian coast, 50 brides arrive, seeking refuge from their 50 grooms-to-be. The idea of a mass wedding to 50 men they hardly know doesn't sit well with the brides, and they have no intention of going through with it. However, the grooms have no intention of allowing the women to escape the promised nuptials. Mayhem ensues, as brides throw themselves to the ground in their tattered dresses, grooms fly in by helicopter, wedding gifts are trashed, all under the mysterious romance of the countryside. Can love conquer all? In fifty pairings, can any find a happy ending?

Told in Tricklock’s signature no-holds-barred physical style, Big Love is a raucous, charming, bawdy, sweet, and hilarious journey of love, un-love, wanting, running, and family loyalty. This production is not appropriate for minors under 16.

Written by Charles Mee

Directed by Dodie Montgomery

September 18th-October 4th, Thursday-Saturday.

Tricklock Performance Laboratory

110 Gold Ave. SW

About Charles Mee:

Charles L. Mee is an American playwright, historian and author known for his collage-like style of playwriting, which makes use of radical reconstructions of found texts. He is also a professor of theater at Columbia University. - From

What critics say about Big Love and Charles Mee:

The challenge his shows present offer unique opportunities for exciting, meaningful, fiercely entertaining theater. - Chicago Theater Beat

It isn't only a play. “Big Love” is the simple, direct, important, easy-to-remember title of a fanciful theater piece you will never forget ... “Big Love,” which is big, (mighty, actually), and about love (justice too) is a fable (as in fabulous), a myth (its origin), an MGM musical in technicolor, a circus and, believe it, a Greek tragedy ... his leap of boundless imagination has refashioned tragedy into a theatrical statement that is comedic, gymnastic, musical, sensual, shocking and redemptive. - The New York Times

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